Trading training

To be trained by us – is advantageous and profitable

  • Trainers – experts with long-term experience

  • Average income of learners , after training passing 15-40% from the investment data. *

  • After completion of the training course you will get the certificate

  • Further support from the professional advisors

* We gave the results of our students. We can not guarantee that you will be the same. You can do better or worse. Everything depends on you.

No limits in:

  • Time
  • Activity status
  • Location
  • Age
  • Social status
  • Devices


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Frequently asked questions

1. How much is it possible to earn per month?

Your income depends on the choice of trade strategy and amount of your trading account.

- choosing for trading conservative tools the expected income will be 5-10% per month;
- balanced strategy, in its turn, will bring you 15-30% per month;
- aggressive trading will allows you to get starting from 50% per month.

2. How to install the platform MetaTrader 4?

Click link. Further, everything is in automatic mode , the most important – fulfill step by step instructions of the installation program.

3. From what amount is it better (more comfortable) to start trading?

Comfortable trading – is the intended effect with minimal risks. Choose conservative trading and calculate the intended income starting from 5% per month. For example: If you want to earn per month 1 000 USD (5%), so you need
Trading account and deposit for the amount 20 000 USD.

4. With what currency pairs is better to trade?

All 250 tools are convenient for trading. Rest on the comfort ability of work and opportunities of Your Trading account for operation with each of them.

5. Which knowledge is efficient to learn how to earn on Exchange market?

You can earn as well in passive mode, resting on the base strategy and assistance of analytics. If you plan to make trading the main source of income, we recommend to pass full-time course of training, which will allow you to use professionally all trading tools.

6. What are the risks for me? (Or how to minimize risks?)

All risks on deals and trading on your trading account you can easily control. In order to get that done there are special orders for buying-in with minimal losses. With the help of these unique tools you can beforehand fix the amounts of your losses from trading.

7. When is it better to enter the market?

Entering the market is the beginning of trading, the purpose of which is to get profit. Such decision should be taken on the base of the working strategy or recommendations of the company analyst.

8. What is it SPRED?

It is a commission of a broker, which he takes from each deal at the moment of the order opening.
In actual fact it is payment for access providing to the market, and, for providing margin loan for trading.

9. Who are the market controllers?

Central banks of the country control monetary-credit policy in their regions. The global foreign currency market hasn’t got any unified controller, it is a big international system, which provides exchange of one currency into another.

10. How much does the training cost?

Ask online-adviser!

11. How long does the training last?

Ask online-adviser!

12. How to choose a broker in a right way?

Rest on the confirmation of work legitimacy of the given organization (license, certificates, certificates of registration), availability of the professionals’ team and experts in the company staff, who will be able to help you in actual by first steps on the financial markets.