Tandem Account Guarantees

The main task of the tandem account is to show the investor that with this service losing your money is minimized. Investors can trust their accounts in the management of professional traders, the company Ester Holdings has developed a service. The tandem account is a special trading account for working in the market.

At the same time, your funds with the Tandem account are not transferred to the account of the manager. You control your money 24 hours a day and at any time you can withdraw money to a bank account or to an account in an electronic payment system.

At the end of the trading period, the profits received on the Tandem account are distributed among the participants of the Tandem Account, and the manager receives the remuneration stipulated in the contract for his activities.

Risks are stipulated in the manager’s offer and can be distributed between the manager and the investor or lie on one of the parties.


Updates of the trader’s profitability
in real time

Calculation of profit from formula
Developed by Ester Holdings Inc

Help in choosing a trader
for your safe trade


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