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Trump’s tax reform. Prospects. Anton Hanzenko.

20.02.2018, 03:00 PM

After many problems Trump’s long-suffering tax reform was approved by the US Congress on December 20, 2017. This bill has become the largest adopted US reform in the last 30 years. So, at the beginning of 2018, tax reform in the US came into force. […]

The oil market. Prospects and expectations! Anton Hanzenko.

13.02.2018, 12:00 PM

Today we will consider the oil market in more detail. As of the beginning of 2018, namely February, the main brands of Brent and WTI remain near the mark of $ 68 and $ 64 per barrel, respectively. These levels are slightly higher than the […]

The lock: one more time about the ways out! Anton Hanzenko.

6.02.2018, 11:00 AM

Earlier an example of an exit from the lock, where the price is in its zone, was already considered. Continuing the topic of exit from lock transactions (lock), it is worth considering the situation when the price left its zone. The situation with the price out […]

How to get out of the lock? Let’s consider all options! Anton Hanzenko.

30.01.2018, 11:00 AM

Lock or lock transactions are transactions that are opened on one trading instrument in different directions, as a rule, with the same volume. As a result, the trader receives a certain loss (not fixed), which does not change when the price moves, without taking into […]